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Welcome to The Archive, a collection of Dresden Files fanfiction. Read and comment on the work of our authors and upload stories of your own!

3/26/13: Added Cold Days and Bombshells to Categories. No, we still don't have a release date for Bombshells, but this saves me making two edits. :D

10/16/11: Added Ghost Story to Categories. D'oh. :D

10/25/10: Added Aftermath to Categories and renamed a character to "Maggie Mendoza."

5/10/10: Added Changes to Categories and made a certain spoilery new addition to Characters. Her name will only show up when "Bookverse --> Changes" is specified as a given story's spoiler level.

5/22/09: Added Charity to Characters and Michael/Charity to Pairings.

5/6/09: Added Justine to Characters.

4/15/09: Added Turn Coat to Categories, Vince Graver to Characters, Molly/Vince to Pairings, and Filk to Genres.

3/17/09: Added Harry/Marcone and Hendricks/Gard to list of pairings.

1/14/09: Added Maggie/Malcolm to list of pairings. However, while pruning away some unused pairings, I accidentally deleted "Murphy/Other." Don't worry--no fics were deleted! However, if your fic had been categorized there, you'll need to re-add "Murphy/Other" to your ship list. Apologies for the inconvenience.

4/09/08: Small Favor and Welcome to the Jungle have been added to Categories.

3/25/08: By popular request, authors can now create Series and group their fics accordingly. You'll find the "Add New Series" option under "Account Info."

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