Q. What is The Archive?
A. In the books, the Archive is a database of all human knowledge from the dawn of history, manifest in an adorable seven-year-old girl named Ivy. She likes kitties. On the web, the Archive is a collection Dresden Files fanfiction! There are so many places to share work nowadays--LiveJournal communities,, personal websites, etc--that I began to see the need for a central location to share, promote, and find Dresden Files fanfiction, for both the book series and the TV show.

Q. Are there any ground rules I should know about?
A. Yes! Jim has a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy towards fanfiction, meaning that he has no problem with people writing it, but that he legally can't know it exists. Therefore, fans cannot even mention the existence of Dresden Files fanfiction in any places he is known to frequent, such as the forums. However, most LiveJournal communities are safe. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me and ask if it's okay to talk about Dresden Fanfiction and The Archive there.

Q. Who runs The Archive?
A. The Archive is run by Priscilla Spencer, aka Priscellie. I'm a mod at the forums and a news correspondent for and The Butcher Block. I ship Harry/Murphy and Molly/Ramirez like a mad shipping thing, and I have been known to send actual homemade brownies to people that write me Molly/Ramirez fanfiction. Check out my website or read my Dresden fic here at The Archive.

Q. Who drew the banner graphic?
The fabulous image of Ivy and Mister was done by Gail Jones, aka Daoine. Thank you so much, Gail! Check out more of her artwork at her website!

Q. How do I submit stories?
A. If you have not already done so, please register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story.

Q. Can I add my non-Dresden Files stories?
A. Nope, sorry. Crossovers are allowed, however.

Q. What kinds of stories are allowed?
A. See our Submission Rules.

Q. What are the story classifications?
A. Stories are classified by verse, genre, principal characters, and pairing, allowing readers to more easily find fics that interest them.

Q. Can I get email alerts when I get a review, or do I actively have to check the website?
A. The former! However, you have to opt-in to receive them. Go to Account Information and click Edit Preferences, then check the appropriate boxes.

Q. I forgot my password! What do I do?
A. To recover a lost password, click here and enter the e-mail address with which you registered. Your password will be sent to you shortly.

Q. How do I contact the site administrator?
A. You can e-mail me via our contact form.

Q. Can I be a moderator?
At the moment, I don't need any help running the site, but if this changes, I'll make an announcement.

Q. What database system does this site use?
A. The site uses the open source eFiction 3.3 Automated Archive.

Q. What ratings system does this site use? What do the letters mean?
A. The ratings system is from The analogues to the MPAA system should be fairly clear.
K - Content suitable for all ages.
K+ - Some content may not be suitable for young children.
T - Contains content not suitable for children.
M - Contains content suitable for mature teens and older.
MA - Contains explicit content. For mature adults only. Age verification is required to read these stories.