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Minstrel is a 23-year-old girl with too much time on her hands and an unhealthy obsession with fandoms. She enjoys writing stories, playing with her Poser programme, listening to obscure music and being Canadian. She thanks you for your reviews, good or bad and your interest in her stories.

Series by AWanderingMinstrel
Stories involving Harry, Murphy and Anna or some combination thereof.
Parent Series: None; Categories: TV verse; Characters: Dresden, Harry, Murphy, Anna, Murphy, Karrin/Connie; Genre: Friendship, Humor, Romance
Pairing(s): Harry/Murphy
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Stories set in my little Family Dynamics 'verse (mini!Dresdens).rnrnA note: These stories generally feature Harry and the little family I've made for him. For reasons explained at the end of Family Dynamics, Harry is not 'with' Murphy, though she is frequently present in the stories. You have been warned. ;-)
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