Published Poetry
  • Dischord of the Rings -- a very silly (and completely true) epic poem about a traumatic experience I had when I was 15, written in 2002.
  • For Ella -- a dark re-envisioning of old Cinderella stories, written in 2006.

Dresden Files: (bookverse) Codex Alera:
  • A Quiet, Private Ceremony -- Isana requires Ehren's help in arranging a quiet, private wedding ceremony. She gets more than she bargained for. (FLF spoilers)
  • Letters -- Gaius ordered Tavi to teach Kitai how to read and write. Kitai had other ideas.
  • Fading Away -- In the wake of Septimus' death, Araris wrestles with conflicting loyalties. Spoilers for Cursor's Fury.
  • Looking Out -- In the days following Vin's injury, Lestibournes' watch is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

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